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Therapy With Me

Being a young adult myself who has healed, I believe I am able to truly connect with my clients and guide the way to begin healing and am passionate about empowering my clients to lead a fulfilling life.
My approach delicately intertwines visiting the past and understanding the impact it has on the present; all while building from one’s strengths, exploring coping strategies and practical skills to manage and help in the healing process. With this in mind, I strive to truly engage with my clients, providing a compassionate, empathetic, safe and supporting environment that fosters emotional well-being.
I bring a wide-range of experience working with teens, young adults and adults pertaining to struggles of anxiety, depression, life transitions, self-esteem, grief + loss and trauma. Therapy is a powerful process that enables us to heal and live fulfilling lives. “Change your thoughts and you will change your world.” -Unknown

My Story: About Me
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