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Anxiety in South Asian Culture

Do you feel on edge or scared of some family members? You’re not alone. Chances are if you are a product of parents who migrated to the US, you probably face western and eastern cultural dilemmas and tension. Growing up in a South Asian family and community brings unwelcomed pressure to be the “perfect child.”

Parent-child dynamic

One or both parents tend to use guilt to their child to pursue a career, marriage, family obligations, etc that is not necessarily a good fit for the child. Children tend to take a submissive role and not advocate for their needs. This typically causes anxiety and to cope, more than likely the child conforms to the parents’ desires and sacrifice their wants. This negative coping of sacrificing the self tends to continue unless healthier coping is learned. If you can relate to this, you’re not alone. Let’s connect and find ways to set boundaries and cope in a way that allows you to be you.

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