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Navigating a Divorce in the South Asian Community

Ah, the “D” word! Often times, children of immigrants make decisions based on what their parents want/desire are for them, rather than what she/he want and desire for themselves. Sure, arrange marriages sometimes are a good fit for the individuals involved, but what about the times it is not a good fit? What about the couples who had the “freedom” to choose their partner and later identified they were not compatible? Children of first generation South Asian families will often times take on the burden of an unsatisfactory marriage rather than divorcing their partner…all because their parents convey “What will others say?” “What will they think about you, our family?” “How will I financially survive?” It can be extremely isolating and scary to have these thoughts. If this is you, connect with a therapist to help gain agency and clarity with your journey. You are not alone and having a safe person to help navigate this with you can make all the difference in feeling lighter and happy again.

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